Friday, December 22, 2006

Blizzard-the end

We started to dig out yesterday. Though my car is still buried in the carport. I should be spending these shut-in days writing, but being a writer, of course I'm not. What am I doing? Reading (books, magazines, blogs), sleeping and taking long baths (and, now thanks to Tayari Jones I'm "elfing" myself).
From my readings:
The Garden Rant folks have an interesting post about how global warming is affecting gardening and the weather (droughts and "extreme precipitation events").
Tayari also has a link to a great site for writers who want to (or need to) learn more about the business end of things: Author MBA
Miss Snark is critiquing "hooks" that go in query letters for novels. Newbie writers enter at your own risk. It ain't pretty.

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