Sunday, October 08, 2006

There's NaNoWriMo and then there's....

People are impressed when you tell them you wrote a novel. (They're more impressed when they hear you sold one.) Everyone asks me how I did it. As if there's a secret formula I tapped into. I understand because I used to look for that secret formula myself. The closest I got was to shoot for 500 words a day every day. If you want a formula, here's a few:
Write 200 words a day and get a 73,000-word novel in a year
Write 5,000 words a day and get a 90,000-word novel in 18 days (sounds crazy, but she-I think she-has got a point)
Wacky, but possibly useful advice on how to write a novel quickly

Doesn't matter how many words (or minutes) you write each day. What matters is that you write (and every day really helps).

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