Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sleaze sells, but so does quality

Newsweek takes on the much-debated issue of urban lit (called groupie lit in their story) vs. "real" lit. I'm pleased that the article points out that it's not just black audiences who seem to be tilting more toward sex & violence in books. Though it's a strange kind of pleasure to note that across the board America's tastes seem to be low, especially when I'm writing and publishing books that cater to a difference audience.

But I know the audience for my books exists because I know too many people who still read Bebe Moore Campbell (and Zadie Smith, Tayari Jones, Kim McClarin, ZZ Packer, Elyse Singleton and Martha Southgate to name just a few). In fact, every time I read something like this it reminds me to put my money where my mouth is. Maybe it's time to go out and buy some books.

Jan, thanks for the Newsweek link.

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