Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting to work

My friend Jan tried to convince me that I should put up a photo of The Pajama Gardener at work in my p.j.s So I took this photo yesterday. Now Tayari Jones has a post up asking writers to send in photos of what they wear at work, so I decided to go ahead and post it.
This is my desk, and this is me in my navy pajama pants (purchased for hubby for Xmas, but he didn't want them) and a page of the Orange Mint manuscript.
Edits are due to my editor March 1, and my goal is to read the whole thing out loud by then. Friday was my first real day at work on this in a looong time. It was pretty painful. Today was better, though I did find some doozies--like my character referring to the wrong city! Youch.

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Tayari Jones said...

It's so funny...I emailed you asking for a pic, but my email bounced back.. and here you are! I am going to link!