Saturday, February 24, 2007

Learning from the past

Each year for our anniversary, my husband gives me a gift based on wedding etiquette (we use the list in the New York Public Library Desk Reference). The 1st year was paper, the 2nd year cotton and so on. This year was our 8th anniversary and the gift was to be bronze or electrical appliances.

This year, he gave me a bronze Sankofa bird. The Sankofa bird represents the West African belief that one learns from the past to benefit the present and the future. I've seen different pictures. My Sankofa bird has 2 heads (one that looks toward the now and the future and one that looks to the past).

I keep it on my computer desk right above my monitor so I see it every day. There's nothing like writing (maybe parenting?) to make you doubt what you know. It's good to have something remind me that everything I've experienced up to now has taught me what I need to know for where I am.

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Ms. Perri said...

Very nice tradition. I love the concept of learning from the past while facing the future.