Friday, March 09, 2007

The great outdoors

Is it the warm sun (which came out again today, after all)? The singing birds? Endorphins? The sense of accomplishment after clearing up months of debris?

Or the wonderful feeling of community? I wasn't outside for more than 20 minutes before Zeta, whose husband died a few weeks ago, walked across the street to say hi, and Brenda said she looked forward to admiring the yard this summer. Haywood, who can't grow flowers, but grows wonderful vegetables, stopped and promised me greens, peppers and tomatoes this year.
I know this is a funny picture to post. But my neighbor Rob saw me filling the Dumpster and said, "You've been busy." And I felt so good. Plus, the yard still looks less than a photo of all the leaves and stalks and mush I cleared from the yard.

Whatever it is, two hours of cleaning up the yard and I am in a GREAT mood!

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