Friday, March 02, 2007

The power of orange and mint

Got cabin fever? Tired of snow and gray skies? Feeling blue? Get yourself some essential oil that is and some peppermint oil. Then:
  • splash a few drops in your bath water (though the peppermint is cooling like menthol)
  • put a few drops on a tissue or in a bowl of hot water and place them next to you
  • add a few drops to your bottle of lotion (make sure the essential oils get diluted)
  • heat them in an oil diffuser (I use a clay pot diffuser with a tea light candle)
  • or sprinkle a few drops on your clothes (be careful with fine fabrics) or in your hair
Will perk you right up. No calories. No side effects. (Read the directions. Don't use undiluted oils directly on your skin and keep them away from mucous membranes.)

I've got peppermint oil heating in my diffuser and some orange oil in my hair at this moment. Edits are almost done. Life is good.

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