Thursday, March 15, 2007

Writing walks

Today is drizzly and chilly. A perfect day for a writing walk. A writing walk is when I tell myself the story I'm working on as I walk. Walking helps me get out of myself and into the world of my book. I let my worries and obsessions go and imagine my people and their lives, and on a good day I can even get whole scenes.

Today, I walked to Head Start where I volunteer for the Read Aloud program. Last semester, one of the little boys used to greet me by saying, "No books!" And after every book I read, "No more books!" Slowly, he stopped protesting. Then a few weeks ago he asked me for a hug. Today, after I read a book, he asked me to read another one! Watching kids go from book-haters to book-lovers or from shy, Spanish speakers to eager English speakers, shows me the power of story magic.

And today when I got home I found a surprise gift from my best friend waiting for me on my front porch! Thanks D! (And rock chalk Jayhawk!)

What a great way to kick off writing my next novel. And just in time. The first 100 pages are due to my Lighthouse classmates in a month!

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