Thursday, May 10, 2007

Extraordinary music

Check out Extraordinary Renditions. The new CD from the trio of Dirk Dickson (bass), Ron Bucknam (drums and guitar) and Mike O'Neill (guitar). "It's out of this world, back in this world adventures for ears that have no lids." Very cool music! (And I named one of the songs...#10)
From Ron on CD Baby:
Extraordinary Renditions is a serious trio of improvisers with many years experience together and individually, trying to be true to the impulse to make music on the spot, through grace and skills. The emphasis is not on what hot shot players we are (no slouches in the ranks however), but instead on group listening & interplay. All sonorities, rhythms and approaches are welcomed, but the basic activity is: listen & contribute / listen & hang back.On the first track I am playing what sounds like a guitar. It is a guitar. When you’ve listened to the music you will see that it is not altogether straight forward what is coming at you). On the cuts where you hear drums (me) you are most likely hearing Michael O’Neill on guitar – unless he is playing the percussion part through his guitar synthesizer. At most other times it is difficult for me to listen and tell who is playing what, when. There was no overdubbing. All of the bass playing and engineering is from Dirk Dickson, who you might catch on a jazz gig, playing with a dance company or doing whole shows of solo bass. Michael is involved in projects ranging from playing guitar in a group otherwise comprised of computers, a free improve Flamenco / jazz duo and solo extended guitar performances. I play drums and guitar, but have spent a lot of time in recent years composing for electronics. Check out CD’s by Dirk and me elsewhere on CD Baby.
Enough with the words, we very much hope you enjoy our efforts. Ron Bucknam.

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