Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wake up and smell the...

These yellow roses (Baby Love, planted in honor of Lovie) perfume the air by our front door.
One Heart Dancing has posted a lovely ode to coffee, or as I like to call it: writing juice. I'm still on mostly decaf, but I can tell the difference when I add some of the real stuff. Slowly, but surely, the Dark Lord calls. No, not that Dark Lord. As of this writing, he still has 611 days, 11 hours and 34 minutes. And, no, not that Dark Lord either. For him, we have to wait until 7/21.

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marilyn raff said...

HI Carlene,
lovely garden pictures, my garden's a mess since I'm trying to move--but it sure has been a gorgeous fall! take care, Marilyn Raff