Thursday, June 21, 2007

The heat is on

Summer has roared in like a lion, because it's Africa hot here. Texas hot (thankfully we don't have the Texas humidity). Cactus hot. Coloradans still aren't used to this. A few days of heat and we start to become unglued. Lots of folks here don't even have air conditioning in their homes because there was a time when you didn't need it. Our house was built in 1951 and didn't have air, but a few years ago we installed central cooling and I've thanked my lucky stars for it every summer since.

My plants aren't ready for the heat either. Even the ones the garden centers call "sun lovers" and "heat lovers" aren't ready for temps in the 90s at this altitude. So we give supplemental water and hope everybody can hold on for the next 6 weeks or so. We clip the roses as soon as they bloom and bring them inside to enjoy because otherwise they'd just fry.

The forecast is for 90+ weather for the next few days. I'll be inside behind closed blinds with the air on. Which is good. Inside at the computer is where I need to be. I'm feeling the heat in more ways than one. I made a big mistake: I "took some time off" from writing after I turned in the first batch of pages to my critique group. Getting back to it is so hard that it makes the time off not even worth it. As Walter Mosley says in This Year You Write Your Novel, "If you skip a day or more between your writing sessions, your mind will drift away from these deep moments of your story. You will find that you'll have to slog back to a place that would have been easily attained if only you wrote every day."
Better get to slogging....

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