Friday, June 29, 2007

Literary Denver and N2 update

Denver has always been a good place for readers and in the last few years has become a great place for writers too. We've got a great library system. The Tattered Cover Book Store and many other great indie book stores. Lighthouse Writers (where I'm pleased to say I just joined the board of directors) and Cafe Nuba (it's hot and it's black!). Local agents and book promotion experts. It's a happening scene.

Update on N2 (for newcomers, "novel 2"): We had a rough month, as I predicted we would. After getting feedback from my critique group, I overreacted (as is my bad habit). I thought if A, B and C need to be changed, well then I also have to change X, Y and Z. I started a whole new rewrite. Luckily for me, it wasn't working. N2 pushed back. N2 wanted me to love it as it was. Finally, I heard N2's cries and stopped. I went back to my original version and saw that I could make small changes to improve things my group pointed out without trying to force poor N2 to be something it wasn't. And N2 and I are back in love again.

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