Sunday, August 26, 2007

Home, Sweet Office

Photo-shoot photo and article are in today's Post. (wait till you see my brilliant quote! not!) The picture in the paper is so dark you can't even see my jammies. Here you can see the top...a little. Also, note: still lots o stacks!


Anne Z. said...

Was reading the paper this morning and had to run to the computer to check out your blog.

I write and blog in Denver too (I'm near DU) but not usually in my pajamas. I'm so thrilled to find your blog. Congrats on your book.

Earth Angel said...

Nice pic! Captures the mood well.

Carleen Brice said...

Ms. Earth Angel, thanks for all the comments today!

Anne, thanks for stopping in. I'll check out your blog!

Lisa said...

Page 4K - Yep, now I have to cut it out and hang it up for inspiration :) BTW, Amazon delivered Age ain't Nothing but a Number and I've been working my way through the essays, laughing and nodding my head all the way -- can't wait for your novel to be published!

iyan and egusi soup: said...


the article is a great nod. how lovely that the blog is mentioned as well!

Carleen Brice said...

Thanks Lisa and Olufunke! It is cool that they mentioned the blog. It's actually really funny that they identified me as a blogger. Makes me sound so official. 8-)

Thanks, Lisa for getting AGE! Glad you're enjoying it! (And I look forward to the day we're hearing about your debut....)

Sassy Sistah said...

Wow! Congratulations on your book, Carleen! I read the excerpt and I'm HOOKED! Can't wait to read the whole book! I LOVED it!

Thanks for the comment on my blog - and here's wishing you much more good fortune on ALL of the books you have left to write!

Now I'm off to read more of your blog!


Carleen Brice said...

Thanks Ms. Sassy! That's high praise from a reader and writer who so respects writing. I'm honored!