Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Review time

Just got back from seeing The Nanny Diaries, which isn't getting great reviews, but I liked it. It was somewhat different from the book, which I also liked, because of the sensibility of the director and writer. (The team who made American Splendor, which I also liked). And it featured Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti. Hello? Nothing to hate there. This review is quite the lovefest. Except. Scarlett Johansson? Really not great. And they punked out on the ending. Even so, I liked it.

It made me think even more about Third Girl from the Left, which I just finished and LOVED. It's a book about women much like me who turn to movies for...almost everything. It's about movies, mother-daughter relationships, gender, race, love, sexuality. So much. I'm too tired to do it any justice. Just read it. Sigh. It would make a great movie. But something tells me that because of race and gender we may not ever see it on the big screen. Too bad.


Lisa said...

I didn't know anything about The Nanny Diaries (although I watch a lot of movies -- probably way too many), but when you said, American Splendor, Laura Linney and Paul Giametti, you got my attention!

Carleen Brice said...

Yeah...but it's American Splendor, Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti doing Hollywood. You know?

Lisa said...

Hmmm...yes, and it's still good, huh?
I'll also need to check out Third Girl from the Left -- I think I'm there too. Probably a sign of the times that when I want to describe a moment to someone, I tend to refer to movie scenes more often than not (?)