Sunday, September 16, 2007

Writers on the town

(Hi Olufunke!)

Yesterday's Lighthouse event with Tobias Wolff was a great success. He read from "Bullet in the Brain," a short story in The Night in Question, and from his novel Old School. Then he talked about his life as a writer and teacher (he taught with Raymond Carver). He was thoroughly accessible, kind, engaging and funny.

After his Q&A with Eli Gottlieb, author of The Boy Who Went Away, we went to Tamayo's rooftop for a private fundraising dinner, which was also fab.

Highlights of the night? I met Lisa at Eudaemonia! (If you look very closely, Tobias Wolff is standing behind us in the picture.) And Andrea Dupree was kind enough to announce my forthcoming book (along with several other Lighthouse writers' new book deals), which led to Tobias Wolff applauding me.


iyan and egusi soup: said...

all so wonderful, carleen! i'm glad you and lisa have met in person. :)

iyan and egusi soup: said...

i just saw the picture of you and lisa!:D such lovely faces. i wish i could have been there.

Lisa said...

It was so nice meeting you in person! I got home a little while ago from the Tattered Cover and now -- it's couch time. It's been a long weekend!

Ello said...

This was great! Getting to see two of my favorite bloggers! Very cool!

PS - when Orange Mint and Honey comes out, would it be ok if I review and interview you also?

Sustenance Scout said...

LOVE that photo! Sorry I missed the dinner but I'm so glad I made it to the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning events. Tobias Wolff truly was funny and accessible and brilliant. So much to read, so much to learn. K.

Carleen Brice said...

O, Thanks for "introducing" us.

L, Hope you enjoy your couch time. I didn't go past my front porch today. (Can't stay out past 10 p.m. anymore!) How were the folks at table 2?

E, Um...YEAH, I think an interview could be arranged! :-) That would be cool! Thanks!

K, I know. I worked on my book a lot today--all charged up from a day spent discussing writing.

Therese said...

What a great experience for you guys! "Bullet in the Brain" is one of my favorite short stories. Really a remarkable feat.

You look dynamic in that color, I must say. :)

Carleen Brice said...

"Dynamic" I like it! Thanks Therese, and glad you can finally enjoy the Pajama Gardener experience, silly as it sometimes is. :)