Friday, October 19, 2007

Best job in the world

Today, I did more research for my book.
This time I went to Idaho Springs. Thirty miles west of Denver.

This is one of my favorite views.
Just a few minutes up I-70.

Idaho Springs, like most mountain towns, has
a cute main street with shops and restaurants.

Plenty of places to buy fudge (I got hubby
a piece of handmade chocolate).

The bear is wise.
But the main event, the reason for my trip,
was the hot springs. Since I know my characters better now,
I know gambling isn't what takes them to the mountains.
What takes them to the mountains is the Indian Springs resort.
And because I want those scenes to be authentic
I needed to go experience the healing waters
along the Soda Creek for myself.
I booked a reservation for a Mother Earth wrap. A 30-minute
massage followed by being painted with clay and sea kelp mixed
together and wrapped in towels and blankets and
lying under a heat lamp for 30 minutes.
Before you do any spa treatment, you soak and steam.
Either in a private bath (which is where I am here;
I took this picture myself) or in the geothermal caves
(where I went after this, but since there were other undressed women there
I thought it wise not to bring out a camera).
The resort recommends 30-60 minutes of soaking before you
do a spa treatment. Worked for me.
Yes, researching a novel is a dirty job. But somebody had to do it.
And if I needed any proof I'm on the right track, I got it.
I asked my massage therapist if she saw clients
with lupus. (One of my characters has this condition and
I wanted to make sure that a person with lupus
would benefit from the hot springs and massage.)
Her answer was yes. As a matter of fact, one of her
very good friends has been in remission from lupus
for 12 years due to diet and exercise and other
natural methods. She gave me her contact information.
My character, Billie, is into diet, yoga, meditation and
other means to keep her lupus in check.
Destiny, no?
As for me, my skin feels great and my body feels like I've run a marathon (in a good way). I will be going back!


Gina Black said...

I am obviously not writing the right sorts of books.

REMINDER TO SELF: next time put a spa in it. ;)

Lisa said...

I didn't even know you could do that kind of thing in Idaho Springs -- how expensive was that?

Carleen Brice said...

Hi Gina,
Yes, I was asking myself last night if I would be so thorough a researcher with a character who worked in a slaughter house and then I realized I would never have such a character because I am quite wimpy. So yes, spas and trips to the mountains for all my characters! :)

Lisa, Not expensive at all. $90 + tip and I was there 2.5 hours and slept like a log last night. You can also do it much cheaper by paying $15 for the caves (which covers all day) and another $10 for Club Mud (do-it-yourself facials and body treatments), which is probably what I'll do next time. But I did need to see what it would be like for this treatment for my character. Really.

Sherry said...

First of all I have never been to your part of the world but after having seen these photographs, I have to go.

The bear is extremely wise..I would love to have him parked by my front door!!

What a way to research your book...not only investigative, therapeutic!! Destiny? Yes. Fate? Yes. Meant to happen? Absolutely.

Jamie Ford said...

Nice! In think I need some research myself. We took a little vacation in Idaho Springs about ten years ago. We went in the winter time and rented a little cabin. It was lovely.

Ello said...

What a beautiful place! I love research! And this sounds like the best kind!

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Whoo-hoo--a tax-deductible spa treatment. Good thinking!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love Idaho Springs and I will definitely be making an appointment at the spa; it can be hubby's xmas gift to me. But you made no mention of Beau Jos. Please don't tell me you skipped Beau Jos.

Lafreya said...

wow, what a beautiful part of the country. I'm with gina I'm obviously not writing the right sorts of books.


Carleen Brice said...

Lafreya and Gina, As long as your book isn't done, it's not too late to throw a spa trip in it. :)

Rebecca, I parked right in front of Beau Jos, but didn't eat there. I've been there before though. I'm not sure I could enjoy it now considering that I'm trying to lay off the bread and honey.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. You definitely don't want to go anywhere near their pizza if you're off the evil carbs.

Sustenance Scout said...

Destiny YES, Carleen!!