Monday, October 08, 2007

End times

Today was my last day at my old job. Gulp. The one that supposedly ended over a month ago. Well, me being me, it extended for a bit and probably would have extended until forever, except hubby stepped in and very lovingly and wisely reminded me that I have other things to attend to right now. So, until the end of the year, I'm going to lighten up on the freelance work and finish my novel. At least the first draft, so I can turn in something I'm proud of in March.

I packed up my cubicle and turned in my security key, and it felt weird. I have a meeting with my former boss on Wednesday and I'll check my work email a few times this month just to make sure nobody is contacting me with something important, but basically, I'm done...for a while. (Can you see what I mean about how I let things extend?)



Sustenance Scout said...

That's HUGE, Carleen. Reminds me of Patry Francis over at Simply Wait hanging up her waitressing shoes last a tree. Very symbolic. So, what are you going to hang up?

Carleen Brice said...

Ha! Good question? Maybe my AP style guide. :)

Lisa said...

You have lots of exciting things to attend to! I mean -- yeah, having to finish a novel is probably going to take up most of your time of course, but -- book party! interviews! blog tours! woohoo!

Sherry said...

Letting go can be so hard...leaving something we "knew" and were "sure of" to attend to something somewhat new, without that safety net. You've been published so this is not new..but you are leaving the world you had as security, that identified you for a new life. Exhilarating and exciting, somewhat frightening...but you're ready to move on. Let go...pretend it's a balloon...the old you, soaring up to the new you!! Sounds like you have a lot to be looking forward to!!

Carleen Brice said...

Thanks SS, Lisa and Sherry for the votes of confidence! I'm very blessed that I have LOTS to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Big changes are rarely abrupt. Usually they are more like transitory periods. We slowly become something else or else we might go into shock.

But that doesn't make them any less scary. Have faith. You and all your supporters know you are heading down a more fulfilling path.

Let go and let God. It's not just for the AAers :-)

Ello said...

I am just like you. I quit my last job and let them talk me into working on an ongoing project even after I was officially gone! That lasted for an additional 6 months before, like you, my husband said enough is enough and I finally had to tell them they were on their own.

Good for you!

Therese said...

Yes, onward!

Hey, I saw the spring books catalog with our books in it--have you seen it?

"A haunting, exquisitely written story about mothers and daughters--and the power of healing and forgiveness from a stunning debut novelist, Carleen Brice."

Onward indeed!

Carleen Brice said...

Rebecca, I'm a big one for "let go and let God" though I don't always remember to act on it. (That philosophy even plays a role in my story.) Thanks for the reminder!

Ello, So I'm not alone in my insanity? Good to know. :) A friend told me employers like workers with OCD because of their attention to detail, and I'm going to extrapolate that other issues like insecurity can be attractive as well when workers try to compensate through their work. Does that make sense?

Therese, NO! I haven't seen it yet, but I've asked for a copy. Hope to get it in the mail soon. So exciting, isn't it? What will you be doing on our release day?

Ello said...

Yes, and how did you know I suffer from OCD? :o)

Therese said...

Hope I didn't spoil the excitement for you--should've thought of that first, huh? :)

On release day...don't know yet. Trolling Raleigh area bookstores, maybe, champagne in hand, making sure our novels are there and visible.

Carleen Brice said...

No, I've seen the copy, so you didn't spoil anything.

On release day, I'm having my launch party. Since we'll be celebrating writers, we'll be celebrating your release too. If I see it at TC that night, I'll take a picture of it for you.