Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's health insurance, stupid!

Good Lord! Vetoing a bipartisan child health bill?! How stupid do you have to be not to realize people in this country WANT HEALTH INSURANCE! We need health insurance! I was recently denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. I just got off the phone with a broker. She says I can "probably" get coverage, but I'll pay a higher rate or have the condition excluded from coverage. So the thing I need health insurance for might not be covered. Great. Perfect.

Bushie thinks he has the answer: Just go to an emergency room. Which, of course, is one of the reasons health care is so expensive is because too many people already do just that. Talk to anybody who's ever worked in a hospital and they will tell you 1) They don't want people showing up for primary care in an ER and 2) ERs do send folks away!

Seriously, can we please bring on Hillary or Obama or Edwards and get this show on the road?!!!


Shauna Roberts said...

The current health-care situation is terrible. It's disgraceful that we spend so much money and invent so many of the treatments and drugs, yet are far behind other Western countries in citizen health.

The charity hospital in New Orleans was destroyed by the flood that occurred after the government levees broke, and various levels of government are arguing about whether to replace it. In the meantime, poor people and uninsured people who need specialized care are being sent as far as Shreveport (7 or 8 hours away, I believe) to get it . . . assuming they can find some way to get there.

Sustenance Scout said...

Yikes, it's all so depressing. I'm with you counting down to the next election. As far as I understand, emergency rooms are at a breaking point already in their inability to handle the numbers. Scary stuff. So sorry you're in the middle of such an insurance nightmare. K.

Lisa said...

Ridiculous and crazy and we have got to do something. When I think about leaving the job I have, the biggest worry isn't replacing the income. The main concern is getting health benefits. I am pretty sure I have a lot of company on this.

Carleen Brice said...

Shauna, that's awful. Just one more punch in the gut for NO.

SS, thanks, but it's not as bad for me as it would be for lots of others. If worse comes to worse, I can at least pay for COBRA for 18 months.

Lisa, yep you do. Didn't even occur to me that I'd be denied. Silly me, I was just worried about the expense.

Ello said...

The insurance and health companies have too much power. They are making too much money on us poor saps to ever want to have a national health care system. It is an appalling situation that must be changed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that many of the new Walmarts are now offering basic health services. They have a little clinic right next to the manicure shop. I think this is extremely telling when you consider their target demographic.

I've spent time in many elementary schools where most of the kiddos come from low socio-economic homes. It is nothing other than heart breaking to watch a six year old sounding out words through a mouth of blackening baby teeth.