Monday, November 19, 2007

For cat lovers


Gina Black said...

I *love* this. =^..^=

Lisa said...


A. That's exactly how my morning started.

B. Elsa apparently heard the meowing and left her "cat bed" where she was quietly not bothering me and just walked across my keyboard in the middle of the video.

C. Meow

Shauna Roberts said...

This is SO true! My cat did her usual morning ritual of Acts of Increasing Annoyance to get us out of bed this morning, even though she wasn't feeling well and didn't even look at her breakfast.

Carleen Brice said...

"Acts of Increasing Annoyance" I love that! Sorry to hear your kitty is sick, Shauna.

Shauna Roberts said...

My kitty is old, and like many old kitties has kidney disease. That's under control, though. She was sick this morning from hairballs, the price she pays for keeping herself so soft and smooth. Thanks for being concerned, but she's feeling much better tonight.

Anonymous said...


Daisy starts calling like she's in heat around 3 AM from the bottom of the stairs. My problem is that she usually wakes up my kids with her cater whaling.

"Rrrooouuu, Rrrooouuu, Rrrooouuu," she calls

"Daisy! Shut Up!" I whisper yell.

"Rrrooouuu," she calls back.

Every day.