Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2008

Here's to a healthy, joyful, loving, prosperous, peaceful, creative and flower-filled year!

I'll be eating popcorn and watching movies tonight, and tomorrow I'll be eating black-eyed peas and cornbread. What are you doing to celebrate? Any new year traditions you care to share?


Lisa said...

It's popcorn and movies for us tonight too :)

Other than that, we've never made much of celebrating the new year beyond a (hopefully) happy review of the past year and dreaming up some new plans for the one to come. 2008 is going to be one terrific year!

Shauna Roberts said...

My mother's heritage is Pennsylvania Dutch, so we always had cabbage rolls on New Year's Day. Because I don't care much for cabbage rolls and because we're vegetarians, I was glad to learn about Hoppin' John when we moved to the South. We adopted that for our New Year tradition.

Sherry said...

Wishing all the same for you Carleen..

No traditions here...but we'll be watching tv, having snacks (nachos, sausage rolls, brie & crackers and a bottle of bubbly) and heading to bed early!!! We are SUCH party animals!!! :)

Sassy Sistah said...

Happy New Year, Carleen! I was tucked into bed and sound asleep well before midnight! Today, we're having black eyed peas, smoked sausage and cabbage. I just put the peas in the crockpot! Hope 2008 is a fantastic year for you!

iyan and egusi soup: said...

all the same to you, carleen.

lisa, i'm with you...i have such a good feeling about 2008.

Carleen Brice said...
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Carleen Brice said...

Let me try this again!

Lisa, Seemed like that's what everybody over 25 had planned for the night. Hope you and Scott had a good time!

Shauna, Hoppin' John sounds better to me too...though I'm having my peas with neckbones this year.

Sherry, I have to say this sounded fabulous--way better than my popcorn and Fresca!

Sassy, Hi there! I cheated on my peas this year and used frozen ones and no crock pot. I'm the only one who eats them, so I'm just making a small pot this year.

Olufunke, cheers to you!

Everybody, all of your optimism and good vibes give me hope for 2008. Thank you!!

Ello said...

Happy new year!! Getting so much closer to being able to read your book!

Sustenance Scout said...

Ello, I feel the same way!! Happy happy New Year, Carleen!! K.