Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Simone on Simone

I know I said I'd post about N2, but first a little more about N1.

Nina Simone's daughter, who performs under the name Simone, releases her debut album in March (according to O Magazine). It's called "Simone on Simone." From what I've heard, she's got a dynamite voice (you can hear tracks here, and be sure to check out the hair). Now there's a mother-daughter story! I wonder what Simone (aka Lisa Celeste Stroud) would think of her mother's role as a fairy godmother to Shay in Orange Mint and Honey?


The Writers' Group said...

Gorgeous voice, gorgeous face, and fantastic braids. She will be huge, all over NPR I'm sure.

I hope you send her a copy of OM&H. She'll be honored.


Lisa said...

Good lord! What would Bella Stander say? I'd say send her an ARC!

Carleen Brice said...

WWBSD? A good one for published writers to ask themselves! :)

Bella Stander said...

I'd say:
Send a finished copy of the book with a note ASAP to Simone c/o Organic Entertainment. And ask her to be an honored guest at one of your book events, if she's anywhere nearby.

Larramie said...

Send the ARC, send the book, we all know she'll be thrilled!