Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For Shay

One of the best things about publishing Orange Mint and Honey is that I feel like I got to give a voice to these people I came to know and love. I actually cried for Shay (my main character) when Essence called her "talented" and "super smart." I know how much she would like that.

I'm polishing up Children of the Waters, so I'm reading poetry (it greatly helps with editing). Today, I ran across the poem "Dance in Your Blood" from Rumi and it made me think of her. So I post the last stanza for Shay:

Dance, when you're broken open.
Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you're perfectly free.


Julie Layne said...

Wow, more Timing for me with your post. :-O I love the Rumi verse.

I, personally, am still waiting to meet Shay. (C'mon Amazon, move it!) Heh.

Sherry said...

Oh yeah!!
And don't forget -- dance even if you got no rhythm, dance if you've got 2 left feet, dance if you look like a chicken, dance like no one is watching!!!!!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful character. I just love Shay. She's young, independent, driven and strong, yet she's got a vulnerability hidden down beneath the layers that makes you just want to hug her -- you'd have to earn it and make her let you of course :)

Carleen Brice said...

Julie, I think you're on to something!

Sherry, Can you dig it?

Lisa, You really get her!

Sustenance Scout said...

Carleen, I can just see Shay dancing. Love it! K.