Friday, February 22, 2008

Yoo hoo Borders

Update on the Borders OMAH-pub date situation: Lafreya tells me that in Ann Arbor she went to one of the new hi-tech Borders today. Their computer still stated that my book hasn't been published yet (so much for hi-tech!), but when she talked to a salesperson, they discovered there were 3 copies on the shelf.

So, if you go in Borders, please check the shelf (I believe they're shelving me in AA Fiction) first. If you don't see it, ask them to order it.

BTW: Lafreya says the store is absolutely beautiful. Thanks Lafreya!! And thanks everybody for helping me get the word out!


Larramie said...

To be honest, I always check the shelves first. You never know what you might find. ;)

Julie Layne said...

Just weighing in on frustrations here. Amazon claims to have shipped my order and yet the USPS site says they still have not received it.

My advice--do NOT preorder items from Amazon and choose the free shipping. It's not worth the couple of dollars you save to have to wait three weeks or more.

I am sorely tempted to just run over to the bookstore and grab my copies of yours and Therese's books and return the ones to Amazon immediately. I registered a complaint on their customer service site because their info is misleading until you hit the send button on the order. *BIG GROWL* "Let it go, Julie..." :-)

Unfortunately, we do NOT have an independent bookstore in our area at all, so one way or another, I'm paying the man. LOL

Sherry said...

I'm going to be in Chapters here in Toronto this weekend and I'm going to see if it's on the shelves or in the system. And if not, I'm asking them to order some copies. I can be VERY persuasive!!!

Carleen left me a message saying you've been out all week and not needing a coat?!?! Can you say "ENVY"!?!?! Oh girl...I wish!!! My near 20 year old son went downtown shopping today (last day of his Uni break) and went minus a coat because he knew it would be hot in the Eaton, I've still got the coat, the scarf, the gloves....soon it will be spring!!! :)

Ello said...

Carleen! I just bought my copy today at Target! I couldn't wait for Barnes and Nobles and I was walking by Target's book section and I saw it! It was right under Therese's book! It was the last copy!!!! How cool is that? It looked like it was 2 spaces on a bottom row, if the price label is any indication! I thought, oh look! If I buy the last one, they will have to order more! So I promptly bought it, I can't wait to read it!!!

Carleen Brice said...

This blog has the nicest group of readers! Thank you for sharing my distribution frustrations and my enthusiasm for this book!!!

Larramie, In college I had a job searching for missing library books. The #1 place to find them? On the shelves where they were supposed to be.

Julie, No getting around the man, but since the man is publishing and selling my book I actually like him a little.

Sherry, I'm sure you can be persuasive! Didn't mean to rub it in! Sorry!

Ello, Yay! Whoo hoo! Target is "the man" I like the most!! Thanks for picking it up!

The Writers' Group said...

Can you believe my local indie didn't have it in as of Monday? No worries, I told the manger, she called the publisher, and she called me yesterday that they had arrived. I get to pick up my copy on Monday (we're snowed in just now). I can't wait!

Amy MacKinnon

Carleen Brice said...

Amy, Your local indie has limited shelf space and clearly doesn't know what a loyal blog following I have. LOL! THANK YOU SO MUCH for ordering it! Too bad you don't have it while you're snowed in, but something tells me you have plenty to keep you busy!

ORION said...

The release date seems to be only a suggestion! I know there was a huge lag and yet some stores had mine out and displayed before the release date- go figure--
My editor said the distribution can be really slow- Here in Hawaii I have been poised with a camera and NONE of the books have made it out here yet. Bummer.
We also have NO Targets.
Double bummer.

Carleen Brice said...

Orion, I'd say having no Targets is a triple bummer! I believe distribution is slow...and perhaps this is one of my MANY lessons in learning patience. Wish I'd hurry up and learn it! :-)