Monday, March 03, 2008

Gettin linky wit it

No time for My Town Mondays today, but do head over to Travis' joint and check out who's blogging about their fair cities. Travis features a very interesting (read: kooky) gentleman today!

I'm getting some lovely reviews from blog readers. Here are a few:

Julie Layne even put Ann Patchett aside for me! Wow! Talk about an honor!

Sustenance Scout's sneek peek of the launch also reviews the book.

Miss Sherry has a review at one of her many blogs (when does this woman sleep?)

Have I forgotten anybody? Oh...and I won't be mad at ya if you leave a review on Amazon, either! :-)


Josephine Damian said...

Congrats on the success of your book, and the kudos from Nikki Giovanni herself.

I love the Spanish proverb as well.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the great reviews. You know how much I love Orange Mint and Honey, but for other readers, you can check my thoughts out at Amazon. Karen did such a great job posting about the book and the party -- I urge everyone to go check it out.

Eileen said...

yay you! Congrats on the reviews. I've got you on my to read list and called my store who pulled a copy for me. Can't wait!

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

I keep thinking what people are missing if they (a) don't have this book and (b) haven't read it yet. It is GOOD!! And someone would give up Ann Patchett (!) I say that puts you right up in the category where you belong Carleen!!

As for me -- what's the expression? Oh yeah..just call me "Rust"!!! :)

I'm one woman with a lot of livin' to do and I'm crammin' it all in!!! :)

Ello said...

You know I'm going to also! Just need to get Therese's up and then yours!! This is so awesome!

Sustenance Scout said...

Carleen, thanks for the (very subtle! You're so smooth!) reminder to post a note on your Amazon page! I'll head over there soon. Also thanks to you (and Lisa!) for pointing the way to my post. OMAH deserves every fantastic review it gets! K.