Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Hardest Working Woman in Show Business

Author tours. Do they work? Are they worth the time, effort, money? Does anybody even come out for them? We in the biz continue to debate. However, when you've got an audience, it must be worth it. Check out Jodi Picoult's tour schedule. This is the schedule of a woman who earns her spot on the best-seller lists the old-fashioned way! I need a nap from just reading the list of locales she's travelling to.

And I thought I was busy!! I'm off to the Virginia Festival of the Book next week. In April, I go to the Philly area to meet with book clubs. Then in May I'm going back to LA for the Leimert Park Bookfest and BEA. In September I'm doing the Downtown Omaha Bookfest. I'm hoping to get a few more trips in there too.

Below are pictures from the book party to end all book parties. My aunt Anita is one of the world's coolest aunts. Last Sunday she threw a party for about 1,000 of her closest friends and neighbors. We started at 1 p.m. and the last person left at 7! The wonderful Yvonne White put the finishing touches on the spread and made everything beautiful. Unfortunately, pictures don't do the table justice. (FYI, her line of candles are the best-smelling ever!)
She used palm and fern leaves and bunches of kumquats from her own yard. Plus, 100-year old silver trays from Morocco!
This is an antique card table where I signed books. Much prettier than it looks here.
The lovely Yvonne, me, cousins Michelle and Cary.

That's Gina Black...who took the bus over for the party! (I'm wearing an orchid in my hair from my breakfast tray at the Hotel Vitale the day before.)

Our hostess, Auntie Anita.
My aunt Carol, Anita's sister.
More cousins!
This is Anita's boyfriend Mac, a wonderful host!
This is June, who made orange mint cookies from the recipe in my book!
Brian. A friend I met years ago in Denver only to find out that my Aunt Anita was in his mother's wedding!


Anonymous said...

What a party! You have some terrific fans, friends and family!
I read your post about Colorado writers--Nancy Atherton is from Colorado Springs and writes the Aunt Dimity series, too.

Sherry said...

I just love reading these posts Carleen. I mean, family, friends, love -- food!! And book signing. And you can see that all these people are so proud of you and so pleased for you. And someone made the orange mint cookies from the book?! Oh honey -- you are loved!!!

Happy Easter my successful writer friend!!! (I have passed your book on to my best friend and continue to keep spreading the word!)

Sherry said...

Oh, and I am so mising all your whistle stops along the way. The closest I'll be to the U.S. is Brockport, N.Y. sometime in summer for yougest son's soccer tournament!!

Shauna Roberts said...

Looks like a wonderful party with wonderful people!

I thought Gina Black looked familiar, and when I went to her Web site, I saw she is in the Orange County chapter of RWA, like me. Small world! How do you know Gina?

Gina Black said...

It was such a lovely party. Your Aunt Anita has such a nice place, and an orange kitchen that made my heart sing.

You didn't tell everyone about the reading!

Well . . . Carleen read the beginning of the story in which (it's not a spoiler since it's on the first page) Nina Simone shows up in the protagonists apartment. While Carleen was reading, she paused at a dramatic moment, and--as if on cue--the doorbell rang. Of course we laughed and of course we expected it to be the High Priestess of Soul herself. It was so very funny, and then it happened again!

What a great time, and how nice to meet you and have a chance to chat.

Carleen Brice said...

Melissa, Thanks for stopping by, and for letting us know about another Colorado writer!

Sherry, Yes I am loved! Happy Easter and Happy Spring (it's coming--really!).

Shauna, I "know" Gina through the blogosphere. That was our 1st time meeting. How funny that you 2 know each other!

Carleen Brice said...

Gina! I forgot about that! Thanks for mentioning and thanks again for coming by!!

Barrie said...

Wow! What a terrific aunt you have! Not to mention family and friends! This looks like it was so much fun.

Lisa said...

Oh! This book tour sound like so much more fun than some of them I've read about. It's not surprising that you have such a supportive family and so many friends scattered across the country. :)))

Larramie said...

What pride is reflected in those faces, Carleen. And isn't that the best to give and receive?

Happy Spring!

Lynne Griffin and Amy MacKinnon said...

There's nothing in the world quite so precious as family. You're rich, Carleen.


Ello - Ellen Oh said...

CArleen, awesome party awesome friends! and what a spread!

And you looked so very lovely!

Earth Angel said...

This is super cool! Wonderful family support. Great pics. Looks like good times.