Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kris Radish coming to town

How could you not love a writer named after a vegetable? Just like her name, her writing is fresh and delicious. Kris will be at the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 15th reading and signing her new book Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA. What better way to start spending that tax rebate than buying a book (or bidding on getting your own writing reviewed by an expert!)?

From Kris' website:

Welcome to Paradise and the hilarious, inspirational, and sizzling hardcover debut of author Kris Radish. Searching for Paradise in Parker PA is a story of how one woman's search for happiness within her marriage -- and within herself -- turns a whole town upside down.

When Lucky Lipton wins a trip to Paradise -- a.k.a. Costa Rica -- his wife Addy hopes they will be able to turn their marriage around. But on the day of their departure, Lucky fractures his back tossing their luggage into his truck. With the husband she barely knows anymore parked indefinitely on the couch, Addy decides its time to make big changes-and drastic choices.Addy begins a crusade to revive her dreams -- and she takes the women of Parker, Pennsylvania along for the wild ride.

Soon Parker men will realize they'll have to step up to the plate to keep their wives and lovers happy. And an entire town is about to learn that to reach Paradise, you must travel through your heart-and to get there, you might not even have to leave home.

Kris is asking readers to share their ideas of paradise. Mine involves a hammock, turquoise waters, smooth beach, warm sun, and drinks with umbrellas in them. What's yours?


Larramie said...

Curled up on a porch swing, reading a great book and overlooking a blooming garden. Do you think Kris would grow amidst Orange Mint, Carleen?

Shauna Roberts said...

Paradise for me would be a shady grassy spot under a tree on a warm summer's day, an ice-cold beer (a magic one that does not aggravate my gastritis or interact with my medications), chocolate, a stack of novels to read, and no wristwatch on because I don't have to worry about being somewhere or getting something done.

Except for the beer part, paradise for me is a lot like my summer vacations as a child.

Lisa said...

I like Shauna's idea. Paradise would be having that same feeling as summer vacation as a kid. It would be leaving the house on an adventure every day to find a blueberry patch and load up or walk long stretches of beach exploring tide pools. My adult self likes anyplace I can snuggle in with a good book and all the time in the world.

Rebecca Hickman: said...

I wish I didn't live so far away!