Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pajama Gardener contest!

I thought I was doing something gardening in my p.j.s until last year when I heard about World Naked Gardening Day, which this year is being celebrated today.

In honor of this holiday, I'm reopening a contest I launched last year. Email me (carleen at carleenbrice dot com) a jpeg of you gardening in your jammies and I'll send you a free, signed copy of Orange Mint and Honey! This contest is open to the first 7 people who email me. The contest was originally for the first 10 people and we had 3 winners last year:

I was going to offer 2 books to anybody who sent me a naked gardening picture, but, no offense, I don't really think I want to know y'all that well!


Demon Hunter said...

Egads! Where I live, I don't have a garden. I will when I get a Ah, man. Can we do something else?? Please? :*)

Lisa said...

Ha! I remember that day in my purple pajamas with my purple coffee cup and the purple flowers that I do not know the name of! How cool -- that was when I "met" you! I agree with your decision not to pursue naked gardening photos. I would most definitely NOT be participating this time around!

LadyLee said...

*snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle*

I am NOT going outside in my pajamas. My neigbors watch my every move, and will call the police on me. And I will be gossipped about badly. Not a good look.


But to you who haven't read the book... yes it is a good book, and worth it to go outside in your PJs, or buck-naked even, to get a copy. It really is. Believe that!

Ello said...

Aw, I missed this but I have your book already and will get your autograph one of these days I hope!

And seriously no naked gardening pictures!