Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hiatus--See you in August

Yes, folks, I'm taking some time off from the blog. (Thanks Josie for the example!) I'd like to suggest that we all take some time to rest and rejuvenate in July. So, a contest. I'm giving out an autographed copy of Orange Mint and Honey OR an audio version of Orange Mint to five people for doing something to take good care of themselves. A book (paper or audio) will go to whoever does:

The most decadent

The most inventive

The most daring

The funniest

The most healing

You can email me or leave what you do in the comments. (I won't be checking email much during the next month either. Yay!)

Before I go, I want to take a minute to recommend a book hitting shelves at the end of July. It's called Going Down South by Bonnie Glover. (Larramie, you'll want it just for the beautiful cover-daisies!) It's the first novel I've been asked to blurb and it was my great honor to be able to read an advance copy of it. It's a wonderful multigenerational story of mothers and daughters.

From the book jacket:

From the author of The Middle Sister comes a heartwarming tale of second chances and the unparalleled love between mothers and daughters. When fifteen-year-old Olivia Jean finds herself in the “family way,” her mother, Daisy, who has never been very maternal, springs into action. Daisy decides that Olivia Jean can’t stay in New York and whisks her away to her grandmother’s farm in Alabama to have the baby–even though Daisy and her mother, Birdie, have been estranged for years. When they arrive, Birdie lays down the law: Sure, her granddaughter can stay, but Daisy will have to stay as well. Though Daisy is furious, she has no choice. Now, under one little roof in the 1960s Deep South, three generations of spirited, proud women are forced to live together. One by one, they begin to lose their inhibitions and share their secrets. And as long-guarded truths emerge, a baby is born–a child with the power to turn these virtual strangers into a real, honest-to-goodness family.

“Long live Olivia Jean, Daisy, and Birdie! These three daughters, mothers, and women are smart, feisty, and funny. Their stories will break your heart in the very best way. I absolutely loved Going Down South!” —Carleen Brice, author of Orange Mint and Honey

So, your challenges for July, should you choose to accept them are: Have fun, get some rest and buy Going Down South. Meet you back here in August!


Travis Erwin said...

have fun. Hope you enjoy your respite.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

south were, sorry im nosey and in GA

Nice spot u have here, hope u don’t mind the drive by, do chk me out one day

rawdawgbuffalo and if u like what u read, maybe u will come back, even Blog Roll Me

Julie Layne said...

hope u hav grt vction.

HAHA...what a silly guy. (Will probably be deleted later, but the comment above mine was junk, obviously!)

Seriously, hope your time off is relaxing and/or productive, or whatever is it you need. I've added you to RSS so when you're back, I'll know it!

Take care.

Sustenance Scout said...

Aaaah, that hammock does look inviting, Carleen. Don't mind if you find me lounging in your backyard any time soon! Enjoy, enjoy and best wishes for many days of healthful rest...and reading, of course.... :) Hugs, K.

Judy Merrill Larsen said...

I second the others--read, relax. rest, rejuvenate.

And thanks for the book recommendation--it sounds like a keeper!

Lisa said...

Relax and enjoy your hiatus. The book sounds great, and I do have a July activity to enter:

I am going to Grand Lake for the Lighthouse Writers Retreat from July 6th - 11th...woohoo!

Larramie said...

Yes, I DO love the cover, Carleen, as well as your blurb!

It seems as if most of us got the memo from last year that July is blogcation time. I'm off until July 21st when new books releases need to be presented. Hope you'll stop by for a preview of FALLING UNDER by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman.

Until then, it's summertime! *G*

Rebecca Hickman said...

Enjoy your time off. We will miss you!

Sassy Sistah said...

Hey, Carleen! Enjoy your much deserved break! I'm just back from an extended one -- and while I needed the time -- it's good to be blogging again.

I'm doing a very daring thing - at least daring for me! I'm flying (Dear God, I HATE and am TERRIFIED of flying) out to Missouri see a friend, assuming I can get the time off work this summer. But even if I don't, I'm going at some point soon. The ticket is bought and paid for. I've never been to visit her before -- she has always come here and it's time to reciprocate. I am NOT comfortable going alone to new places...but I miss my friend.

I'm also realizing that I am in a new season of life...and I'm taking a LOT more time just for myself than I used to. I'm determined to make the second part of my life much better than the first. And that's a very healing thing for me.

I LOVED Orange Mint and Honey but I sure would be happy to read it again or listen to it in audio. Pretty please?

Thanks for the book rec...I'll be reading that soon. It sounds great.

Me said...

Hey Carleen,

Maybe book promo-itis is dangerous. I think you're doing the right thing. I'm trying. Thanks for the inspiration.

Take good care.

lori t

Patry Francis said...

That hammock looks mighty inviting. Hope you're well and enjoying your summer.

Me said...


I just read Orange Mint & Honey in 2 days. It was sooooo good. I loved every delicious bit and was so sad I finished it. I am really impressed. Bravo for you. I can't wait for the next one.

And ps. reading Orange Mint was my vacation.
Lori T.