Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stickking it to the man

I just signed up at, a new website designed to help you meet your goals. My goal is walking 4 days a week. Should be easy, right? Well, but then I sit at the computer or I have to do the dishes or blah, blah, blah and the day goes by. So, I signed up for some help.

How does it work? You have a designated "referee" (or you can use the honor system) and you must report weekly about your progress. If you don't meet your goal you can pick a charity to give money to OR, and this is really genius, an anti-charity. A group you'd hate to give money to. So if I don't meet my goal, money will go to the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Think I'm going to let that happen? (There are lefty and righty anti-charities, for equal opportunity revulsion.)

You can use for any goal: paying off debt, losing weight, writing a book. Check it out. And if you sign up, friend me! We can stickk it to the man together! Now, I have to go walk!

What goals are you reaching for and what do you do to make sure you get there?


Larramie said...

Is it me or does this have an "Oprah" feel with a negative twist? ;)

Shauna Roberts said...

What a great idea! Maybe I'll use this to start exercising again.

Gina Black said...

OMG that's totally evil. I might have to try it.

LadyLee said...

LOL!! Great idea. Wish I would've came up with it.

I may have to sign up, too!

Carleen Brice said...

Hubby says the G.W.B. Presidential Library will probably be filled with comics and Playboys. (not to insult comic books) Hee!

Ello said...

That would not work for me because I am too much of a procrastinator and I would end up funding Sarah Palin's Christian Fundamentalist movement too much. I would procrastinate, pay, hate myself but be unable to save myself from continued procrastination. No this is a bad idea for me!

JC Martin said...

If I wasn't giving all my money to textbooks for my college education I would sign up.

One of my goal is to finish the manuscript I have started. I have no reason to not keep moving because it is so interesting. But right now I have a friend, my editor who wants me to come up with a schedule and she will nag me into doing what is to be done.

Josephine Damian said...

That button goes nicely w/you blog decor.

Luv both you & hubs comments on prez lib.

I will check out that sight. With my Intetrnet addiction series starting Monday, my goal is to help others and myself spend less time online, more time writing, and hopefully other things like excerising.

An Obama rep. is coming to town tomorrow to give out buttons, bumper stickers, etc., and to tell us about the new local Obama HQ opening here soon - in a very strongly red-wing town (that seems to be rooting for Ron Paul, not McShame).

rebecca said...


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