Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nikki Giovanni and Kim Reid

Last night was a great night for writers in Denver. Went to hear Nikki Giovanni speak at the Tattered Cover (but forgot my camera! Duh!) She was wonderful. She was here in support of her 2 new kids books, Hip Hop Speaks to Children, which has a CD and includes a recording of Langston Hughes (amongst others) and Lincoln and Douglass: An American Friendship. Both are wonderful! I took a signed copy of Hip Hop Speaks to Children to Head Start today--they loved it! Fun Fact: Nikki has a tattoo that says "thug life" on her arm in honor of Tupac.

In other news, congratulations to Kim Reid, who won the Colorado Book Award last night for her memoir No Place Safe!!!! You can see a pic of Kim with her award on Agent Kristin's blog. You can read an interview with Kim on my blog here.


kim reid said...

I like seeing my name in the same headline as the fabulous Nikki Giovanni. My inner child is an aspiring poet.

Mary Ann said...

I love reading Nikki Giovanni but more than that I like to look at her face. Her joy shines.