Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Film recommendation

Medicine for Melancholy is on IFC On Demand. It's an arthouse flick much like Before Sunrise, only the two characters are black. After a one night stand, they wander around a beautifully filmed San Francisco and chat and party.

I recommend it. Though I have to say I was cracking up at how different life is for 20-somethings vs. 40-somethings. I remember the days of staying up all night and going to work the next day. Now? I'm not functional if I don't get sleep. Drinking, dancing and eating tacos until dawn would probably put me to bed for a week! LOL.

Wyatt Cenac (you know him from The Daily Show) is what my character Oliver will look like when he's a little older. Tracey Heggins, the female lead, is a lovely young actress who I could totally see as Shay.

Speaking of Oliver and Shay, I'll hear this month if Lifetime Movie Network is making the Orange Mint and Honey TV movie. Stay tuned!


Ello said...

I have to laugh with you on that! The other day the kids were all over at my sisters for the night and hubby says do you want to go out dancing? I just looked at him like he was crazy and ignored him. Yeah, we ended up staying home and doing nothing. Lame-os but at least it was quiet!

And so exciting about Lifetime!!!!!

Lafreya said...

I'm thinking good thought and praying about Lifetime !!!

Yasmin said...

Thanks for the rec...and good luck with OM&H.

Lisa said...

Scott and I watched this over the weekend and we both really liked it. It was really funny because about ten minutes in, Scott said something to the effect that the male MC just had a nice face and seemed like a good guy (sshhh, nobody tell I told you that). When I told him what you said about both characters and how you could see them as Oliver and Shay (actually, I never remember Oliver's name and always call him "Little Marshmallow Teeth"). Scott completely agreed.

Carleen Brice said...

Little Marshmallow Teeth--you and my friend's Marisol both do this!

Keith Andrew Perry said...

I saw it last week with my wife, who by the way, is reading Orange Mint and Honey in the Bahamas right now as I suffer, anyway -- I loved the movie. I thought it was the coolest thing I had seen in years. Black people just being people --unburdened.