Friday, November 13, 2009

"Precious" Premiere

My review of the movie is over at my other blog. Here's a few pics from last night. I went to the premier at the Denver Film Festival with author friends J.D. Mason (w/yellow bag) and Kim Reid (black & white dress).

Also pictured are Nina Henderson Moore (in black with silver jewelry) and Tamara Banks (in red and brown).

(Got a few compliments on my t-shirt!)


Demon Hunter said...

Oh, I love that shirt too, Carleen. ;-)

I want to see the movie first, but I plan to read the book first. :-D

Have you ever met Sapphire? I can't remember her real name right now--it escapes me. :-D

larramiefg said...

Although delighted you enjoyed "Precious," Carleen, I'm waiting -- as patiently as possible -- for "Sins of the Mother!"

Kittie Howard said...

When I was a little girl in Louisiana, I knew a lady in her nineties who had been born into slavery. I blogged about Miss Kitty (Miss Kitty, Little Kittie and Rush Limbaugh, October blogs) to point out that if one touches me, one touches slavery in the United States and that much remains to be done to make race a non-issue and for everyone to realize that we're all part of this huge humanity that needs to work and live together in harmony.