Wednesday, May 18, 2011


That's the theme for my garden this year. I'm digging up yarrow like crazy. And we still have lotsssss of it! It's lovely when it's all in bloom. When it's not in bloom it's less lovely and hubby hates it. So I'm trying to corral it a little.

Colorado yarrow mix

I'm also digging up and moving sedum, hens and chicks, blue fescue and some other ground covers to spread them around the bit. Lord knows we've got the room. There are plenty of places where it's been hard to get something to go. So hopefully moving around things that have proven they can survive in our south-facing yard will work, and we can actually have pretty things hearty enough to help keep down the weeds.

hens and chicks
Elijah blue fescue grass (the flowers are blue flax)

What are you doing in your garden this year?


Gina Black said...

I'm doing what I do every year which is watching my husband plant things and harvest them. ;)

Although I am actually doing a small experiment as well. I'm growing potatoes in a bag.

Carleen Brice said...

Is that like letting the potatoes sprout in your cabinet? Cause we do that kind of "gardening" far too often! LOL

I want to grown one of those upside down tomato plants this year.

Gina Black said...

This is something I picked up from Barbara Samuel's blog. It's a tarp-like bag with holes in the bottom for drainage and it sits on the patio (so no gophers). But the sprouting is the same as the cupboard method. ;)

We have tomatoes up on the hill. Last year the DH planted six varieties. This year he is less ambitious.