Thursday, April 05, 2007

Author photo (round 2)

These were taken by a friend and coworker, Marilyn. What do you think?


Leslie said...

I love all of seem much more natural. I think #2 is beautiful. You aren't smiling as big, but it is a GREAT photo!!

Val Phillips said...

These are all gorgeous too! I like the colors you're wearing better (eventhough I suspect your photo will be black and white on the book), and the background textures and colors.

I like the stylized one of you looking away from the camera, and also (#2?) where you're in front of the pines looking so serene.

Anonymous said...

I really like many of these, my favorite is the one in front of the white blossom trees with your head tilted slightly down to the right and with a BIG lovely smile- i like this one for the way you seem so relaxed and the flowers have such a shimmerence it looks halo like over and around your whole head.
also like the first one of the lot that Dirk took.
Serious but really soft too.
also love the (i heart N2 blrub)
see you - e

Maryann said...

Wow, these are also great. I'm going to go with number 5 with the happy smile. Although, I like the backdrop on the ones at home better because I think the white blossoms won't translate as well to black and white or will wash out the contrast. But hey, I'm no photographer. If you're going for serene, one of the more serious ones will work, but I still vote for catching your spirit and playfulness. They're more engaging. That's my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never :-)...I vote for #2.