Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Book news

Harry Bernstein is 96. He just published his first book, The Invisible Wall. See that? It ain't too late until you're gone!
In other book news, the memoir of Dewey the library cat fetched a $1.25 million advance (from a publisher that turned down my novel, by the way).
And finally...Orange Mint and Honey is done. Done done. The final manuscript was accepted by Ballantine (which also happens to be the publisher of Mr. Bernstein's book). Look for it this time-ish next year.


One Heart Dancing said...

2 or 3 defniitely! You are gorgeous! Do your agent and editor get a vote on this blog?

Anonymous said...

I don't get this. Bernstein's publisher turned down your novel, but his publisher is your publisher too?

Heather said...

Hello! Nice selection of photos. I will tell you that my favorite is #2 on the Marilyn list and my second favorite is #4 on the Marilyn list. The second photo looks like an author picture. I like the shading. Truthfully, however, you are very photogenic! I didn't see a smirk in the bunch. Congratulations - again - on the completion of the novel. So very exciting Carleen!!!