Sunday, April 01, 2007

Author photo? (round one)

Hubby took this group of pictures today. God bless him. There's something about me and the camera -- when the
photographer says "smile" I grimace in a way that makes me look extremely suspicious. These are the best of the bunch. Do any of them work as author photos?I've got a professional photographer friend I can ask to take some additional shots too.
Cast your vote today!


One Heart Dancing said...

In the first one you look sad. If that is the tone of the book, then that would be a good photo.

In the ones without glasses you look soft, as if you are all heart. In the ones with glasses you look intellectual. How's that for stereotyping?

I like the ones with glasses. But I think hubby needs to stand on a short stool--it looks like the camera is looking up at you. (I don't get that impression in the ones without glasses.)

So, I guess my vote is for a retake.

This is exciting! I told my good friend P about it today and she passes along her congratulations. We are proud of you and happy for you!

Maryann said...

Although I think they all look lovely, my vote is for number four, the second to last in the line up. It looks the most natural and the most like you. I think it catches your spirit and playfulness. You're smiling nice and frisky, and the coloring and focus are good. I love the touch of the garden in the background as well. Way to go D. Nice photos!

Diane said...

I like either of the last two photos. You have the beautiful pansies in the background to match your beautiful face!

haynes-williamsc said...
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haynes-williamsc said...

I like the last two photos -- because you are smiling. Cynthia