Friday, July 27, 2007

Call for stories

The story site Common Ties has been publishing personal stories on a wide range of topics since October 2006 and will begin posting audio stories in September 2007. Among its themes, Common Ties is seeking stories about racism and prejudice. Stories are due by August 7 and selections will be made by August 9 (see below for deadlines on other topics).

Racism, and the broader concept of prejudice, is such an abiding, pernicious aspect of the human condition it is surprising it is not listed as one of the deadly sins. If you or someone you know has been a victim of racism or prejudice and has a compelling account of the event(s), we would like to read your story. If you were a perpetrator or enabler of such activities, we would be interested in reading your story as well.

For this topic in particular it is important to remember that Common Ties publishes personal stories, not essays or opinion pieces. Stories can be written using your byline or a pen name. We purchase both original stories and reprints. Payments are typically between $100 and $200 per story, although writers can suggest another amount. Should your story be accepted, we may approach you to record it. If we do you will receive a microphone, and recording assistance. If your recording is accepted, you will receive an additional fee of $150. For more, please check out the submission guidelines.

New Notice: All submissions must indicate the answers to two items: 1) whether you'd like to use your real name or a pen name, which can be furnished at a later date; and 2) whether you are interested in trying to record your story, if invited.

Future themes (and due dates) include:

Random Acts of Kindness (August 14)
Humor (August 21)

We are always looking for new personal stories on all topics. We respond to submissions on themes that are not upcoming within four weeks.

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