Thursday, July 26, 2007


Haven't been gardening (too bloody hot!). Behind on N2. And damn tired. BUT, there is good news: a high of only 80 today and high 70s tomorrow! That should help. So does this: "Ain't Got No...I've Got Life" by the High Priestess of Soul herself. By the time she throws her hands in the air at the end, you'll know you can go on one more day. (And, if you need to, come back tomorrow and watch it again.)


One Heart Dancing said...


I am going to share this with my tango sister who like me is terrified to go into the big, full dance hall and cut loose.

Thanks. Really!


Anonymous said...

Very cool video!

Ms. Peri said...

Fabulous! Funny how things come to you when you need them.

I'm coming back tomorrow.