Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mudear is coming! Mudear is coming!

Not Tyler Perry's Madea. Mudear. The sequel to Ugly Ways (one of my all-time favorite books), Taking After Mudear, is due out November 2007!! This is Harry Potter-big for the likes of me. I can't wait! (Wouldn't it be cool if there were Mudear parties all over the country?)

And Tina McElroy Ansa has a blog! (Or it looks like she did for a while) Here's an excerpt from one of her posts:

Two words…I have two words for you. These are words that I want you to burn into your consciousness. These are two words that should be on your mind first thing in the morning when you awake and then all through the day as you go about your routine. When you see something that you know has your name all over it, whether it’s a chore, a pair of gorgeous shoes on sale, an idea, a new job, an undiscovered park, a new route to work, a person who could use your help or expertise or smile. Whatever! These are the words I want you to remember. They are words that will change you life. Are you ready?“ Right now.” That’s it. Nothing more. “Right now.”

Check out her blog to read the rest. Also, visit the websites for her workshops and her publishing company.

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Ms. Peri said...

Right now -- that's excellent advice.

Are you going to interview Tina on your blog? That would be a terrific post.