Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two-movie day

Today, I saw two movies, Talk to Me and Hairspray. Some people drink when they get stressful news. Some people eat. I watch movies. They're kind of like shock absorbers. And today was a two-movie day. I had wanted to see both films, but I didn't have any idea how much alike they were. They're kind of like book-ends. Both address race, class, civil rights, following dreams, being bold, and both have 60's-ish music as a soundtrack. Petey Green (Don Cheadle) and Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) would seem to not have much in common, but they're both characters (Green, based on a real person) who are bigger than life.

I recommend them both, but Talk to Me really got me. Long live Petey Green and Dewey Hughes (Green's manager)!

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nvisible•(E)arth said...

Hairspray was touching and tough. I went on Monday, and I was watching at first thinking how can I sit here and 'enjoy' a musical when the world is flushing itself down the drain? But wait, did he/she really say:
"Those personal stains needed to be pounded out with a rock." ?
Holy-moly if that didn't make you laugh and forget a little bit of stress, I dunno-...
Watching someone else's drama is a darn good cure, or at least a distraction.
Meanwhile I miss you alot!
and feel adrift. Maybe I'll go see Talk to Me.
Miss you C.