Saturday, October 27, 2007

Things I fear (in honor of Halloween)

I'm starting a meme. "Things I fear." It can't be about serious things like war with Iran or global warming. These must be real, but frivolous fears. Here goes:

1) Spiders: I used to catch spiders as a kid and play with them. One day I was letting a daddy long legs walk up my arm and my baby sitter told me it would bite me. Ha! I said with my little know it all self. Spiders don't bite. A few days later I was playing in the yard and my mom called me over to see why I kept scratching my leg. Just a mosquito bite, I said. No, looks like a spider bite to me. From that moment on, I was scared of spiders.

2nd creepiest story of the year was about the 200 miles of spider webs. I will not be linking because that might lead to pictures and I don't wanna know.

1st creepiest story of the year was about the guy whose tarantula bit him and killed him and then the rest of his spiders and reptiles ATE him. Again, not linking. You can Google it if you must know more.

2) Heights (though I'm getting better): For similar reasons. When I was a kid, we used to play on "the mountain." It was the end of a bluff (Omaha is very hilly) that overlooked railroad tracks. There was a tree and someone at some point had tied a rope with a big knot on the bottom of it so you could swing. All the neighborhood kids thought it was big fun. One day, our parents got curious and wanted to see "the mountain." So we took them. Holy #*&! They freaked out! And I saw it from their eyes: the tiny little knot at the bottom of the frayed rope. The railroad tracks very far below. From that moment on, afraid of heights.

3) Moths also freak me out.

4) That Grey's Anatomy is jumping the shark. Seriously. Trick-or-treating for ears? What was up with the guy cutting off his foot? I didn't see previews for next week. Will he be on so we can learn what the hell is wrong with him? Not sure I'm buying George and Izzy. Bailey seems to have lost her mojo. And since when did Christina become all moral? The show's always been a little over the top, but this season I have to say I'm a little worried. Seriously.

5) Red Sox pitchers.

I won't tag anybody, but feel free to post your own fears here or on your own blog. What gives you the spookies?


Ello said...

OK - that was a horrible story about the guy with the tarantula. Horrible! I am shuddering! I'm not afraid of spiders but that story, HORRIBLE!

I am afraid of supernatural stuff. You know ghosts, demons, etc. Yeah I know I'm being silly. But have you ever gone to a location tht you actually could sense evil in? I have and it is pretty scary. And I don't have any kind of sixth sense, others in my family apparently do, I don't. I once went into a house that gave me such a bad creepy crawly feeling I started hyperventilating and had to get out of there. I later found out that it had a history of terrible things happening at that location. That really frightened me.

I also have an abnormal fear of being buried alive.

Carleen Brice said...

Ello, I once was about to rent a townhouse with my ex-boyfriend, but I kept having the feeling that something bad would happen to me if I lived there. The feeling got stronger the closer we got to signing the lease, so I passed. Pissing off the boyfriend and the landlords. I never knew what (if anything) had happened there, but a voice inside me was screaming DON'T MOVE THERE for some reason and I listened.

Sherry said...

I love you being afraid of Red Sox Pitchers!! Well, I don't "love" it since they are your nemesis at the mo..but you know what I mean!!

It's always the way...we are fearless about something until someone points out the pitfalls or the dangers or we "see" the danger for ourselves and suddenly what we didn't fear..becomes something we could always become phobic about (if pushed).

I used to be afraid of bees, being stung, that kind of thing..but since breast cancer? I'm not afraid of anything. I faced that sucker down, hope to keep it down and after that? Not much scares me at all. Other than a good movie that has something that makes me jump in my THAT kind of scare I like!!

Carleen Brice said...

Sherry, Good for you!! My stepmother's name is Sherry and she too has beat breast cancer. My sheroes!

And oy the Rockies. I've had to turn the game off. 6-0 and I can't take it no mo! Poor guys. Going to drink some green tea and write.

Sherry said...

I see I'm in very good company then Carleen..and I love that we're your "sheroes"...VERY good!! ;)
Sorry about the bball...The Rockies are getting their sox knocked off!! Green tea and writing seems like an appropriate way to drown those sorrows!!

Lafreya said...

I am scared of driving over bridges
I hate snakes
I thought I was the only one who was freaked out by moths.

Carleen Brice said...

Lafreya, I hate driving UNDER bridges. And, no, my best friend is also freaked by moths (but she's freaked by ALL bugs).

Anonymous said...

Oh I like this meme. I'm going to post about it.

Red Sox pitchers, yes. Colorado has been creamed.