Sunday, November 11, 2007


My friend Marisol gave me a ticket to the Denver Film Festival's showing of "Juno" last night. The buzz is that it's this year's "Little Miss Sunshine." I'd say that's a good comparison.

It stars Ellen Page as the title character and also features Michael Cera and Jason Bateman (you might remember them as father and son in "Arrested Development"), Allison Janney ("The West Wing") and Jennifer Garner ("Alias"). Fans of "The Office" don't get too excited; Rainn Wilson is only in one scene.

I've never been to the Denver Film Festival and always wanted to go. The movie was shown at Denver's new Ellie Caulkins Opera House. It was a very cool experience! There was even a red carpet. The director, Jason Reitman, spoke before the film. The only thing missing was popcorn. And it was strange attending a film festival when movie writers are on strike, especially because "Juno's" dialogue and characters left me really fired up about writing.

Jason Reitman also made "Thank You for Smoking," which I wasn't too impressed with. I loved the book by Christopher Buckley, but the movie didn't capture the spirit of the book. He did a much better job with "Juno." Loved it! It opens December 5th and I recommend it.

After my big night on the town, I came home and regaled hubby with erotic tales of my compacted sinuses and the strange whistles my nose is making lately. Scheherazade ain't got nothing on me!


Annalisa said...

This is probably not what you were going for at all, but the last sentences of this post jumped at me the most--I am the EXACT SAME WAY with the sinus problems and the nose whistling... except I don't need a cold to make the problems obvious. I actually got nasal surgery two years ago in the hopes of fixing my whistling nose, but alas, it just whistles a different way now. My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious.

I've never been to a film festival but they sound like very special events. Maybe I'm easily impressed but red carpet, wow!

Carleen Brice said...

Hi Annalisa, good to hear I'm not alone. The other night my nose made a noise so loud I thought someone was outside our window!

And I too was easily impressed by the red carpet. :)

Sherry said...

What an enchanting experience to attend the Festival and to see an excellent film makes it that much more worthwhile. We used to attend the Toronto Film Festival Opening Gala (my DH works in the entertainment industry) but the films were always dreadful!! The party afterwards was a delight!!

As for the's going around. I've had the WORST sinus headache and packed sinuses since Friday. Is it contagious?!? I feel for you!!

On another topic...the new cover looks really lovely with the colours of your it was "meant to be".

Sustenance Scout said...

What fun for a movie buff like you, Carleen! Glad you got to see this movie; sounds like a winner. Interesting note about the strike going on at the same time. K.

Julie Layne said...

Oh, I saw the previews for this movie, and I can't wait. Glad to see a good review, and December 5 is coming right up! I'm having such fun with your blog archives. I'm a member of the Ugly Shoe Anti-Defamation League, too. Are those Clarks in that picture? LOL

Speaking of lesser known films, the indie film Once comes out on DVD December 18, and it's a mesmerizing little gem. Of course, if you don't like folky/acoustic music, you might be bored out of your head, but I was in heaven.