Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Barrels of fun!

Just returned from Kris Radish' reading at the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover. After an hour on the road, because Highlands Ranch is friggin far and because I can't read directions, I made it for what was a really fun evening. Kris handed out presents (one lucky reader got a t-shirt) that tied in to her books. She talked about her latest book Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA and talked a bit about what her idea of paradise is. She didn't wear the ears for the whole signing. Just till she got our attention.

Kris is a genius at branding herself and her books. Lots for a newbie novelist to learn there. She had women in the audience who had come out last year and have read all her novels. (This is her first hardcover.) One reader even brought Kris a bottle of wine! Now, that's a loyal audience! Cough. Not that I'm hinting to my readers or anything.

Speaking of my readers, tomorrow night at 7 p.m., I'm going to be at the Southglenn Library, 7500 South University Boulevard (Dry Creek and University), where I will read to, sign for and ply my audience with treats. I promise it will be loads of fun! I'll leave the house at noon to make sure I'll be there on time! Hope you can make it.

I got home in time to watch The Daily Show. Jon Stewart's take on having an "elitist" president was funny and EXACTLY the way I feel. I want a president way smarter and way better than me!

Now on to The Colbert Report, which is being broadcast from Philadelphia UNTIL I GET THERE of course, when the show returns to NYC. Damn you, Colbert!


Lisa said...

Have to leave at noon tomorrow! Ha! I might just have to come to the library (if I'm over looking scary) -- see, I live at Dry Creek and Quebec, so every time I drive up to the TC LODO, the Ferrill House, the Highlands area or anyplace north of -- Hampden, I think I'm in Wyoming! It doesn't help that working from home has turned me into a semi-recluse and the five minute drive to Safeway is like a field trip. I really do need to get out more :)

Carleen Brice said...

I am the same way. What? It's not in Central Denver??? Last night, I wished I would have packed a cooler!

LadyLee said...

Yes, Carleen, this is all wonderful. It truly is... but, uh... when are you coming to the ATL so that I can get my book signed?

I will gladly bring you a bottle of fine wine. I surely would.

Demon Hunter said...

You're too far for me to come. Shucks, I really would have liked to meet ya. :*)

Shauna Roberts said...

It's great you're getting so many opportunities to speak and sign.

How many are self-generated and how often do people call you first? How often do people turn you down when you offer yourself to speak or sign? (As a prepublished author, I'm curious about how self-marketing works.)

Carleen Brice said...

Ladylee, I wish I was going to the ATL. Oh how I wish!

Demon Hunter, Maybe one day...;)

Shauna, The CA trip was arranged by my publisher at the request of both bookstores. The other 2 signings I've done in Denver so far, I arranged (though my publisher may have paid some co-op $ for the Tattered Cover signing).

The event tonight, which 3 very lovely women showed up for despite snow, was a result of me letting the Arapahoe Library system know that I'd be willing to do presentations. The program coordinator sent a list of presenters to all the libraries and one library requested that I come.

I've sent info about the book to a few bookstores within an hour or so of Denver, and one responded that the only way they'd have me is with co-op $ (pretty common) and one in Fort Collins invited me to come. I'll be signing at another bookstore in Denver next month and that was a result of me sending info and following up with a call.

I've been invited to speak to a class at DU this summer, which was a result of a recommendation from folks at Tattered Cover.

In my experience, I don't so much get turned down as ignored. A few places have just not responded to my overtures.

As I understand it, it's getting harder and harder for local authors to get into their local stores. The stores are hurting for $, so they're more likely to prefer to work through publishers who can offer co-op $ to promote the authors.

Hope that answers your question. I think it's always worth trying to get in front of people with your book.

Eileen said...

I read Orange Mint and Honey, again, because I am on vacation and can really take in the book (without the typical distractions around my house). I loved it even more the second time. Such a wonderful, wonderful book. It spoke to me on so many levels. I hated to see it end. What a gift to us readers. Thank you!

Carleen Brice said...

Eileen, Thank you! That's very sweet of you to let me know!

Ello said...

Carleen, I am finally reading my copy and loving it. I am thoroughly enjoying the odyssey and can't wait to hit you up for some questions for my blog when I'm done!

And I love the Colbert report!