Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love this woman!

Sorry! This used to be a video of Michelle Obama on The Colbert Report. She was gracious, funny and so smart. Love her! You might still be able to find it on Comedy Central's site.

Love from Philly!


Lisa said...

I like her too. Hillary was the first 1st lady I liked and could come close to relating to -- before that they were too old and too rich. Michelle Obama will be the first 1st Lady who will actually be younger than I am -- yikes!

Lafreya said...

I love her too! What a wonderful interview.

Shauna Roberts said...

Thanks for posting the interview. I loved the little children's pictures.

Larramie said...

Carleen, they took the video down. :(

Sherry/Cherie said...

I didn't see it -- the video is no longer available.

But...I had the best feeling yesterday when I walked into my local library, checked out "new books" on the shelf -- and "new books recommended by staff" and what did I see --- "Orange Mint and Honey" by Carleen Brice.

That was just an awesome feeling!!!

Sustenance Scout said...

Wow what a great store sighting on Sherry's part!! And I completely agree with the general sentiments re: Ms. Obama. Love her! What an inspiration she is.

Getting a kick out of your recent posts, Carleen, especially re: Denver public art. Have a wonderful time in PA!! K.