Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's next?

Children of the Waters goes into production in June or July (The Writer's Group has a great explanation of what "production" means in the publishing world), so I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to write next.

One idea is to write a book that's not so much a sequel to Orange Mint, but is told from Nona's POV a few years later. So we'd get to see what happens with Shay and Oliver, but it would really be more about Nona. What's next for her? I'd love to explore what it's like for her to attempt a healthy relationship with a man, and there's some challenges I could see to her sobriety.

I have another idea, but so far the premise is pretty slight. But I'm excited about it. I think it would be fun to write; it'd be a love letter to my funny, crazy family. Then again, some members of my funny, crazy family might not see it that way. But litigation might give the book a little publicity right?

Of course, I'd like to write a blockbuster, breakout, BIG book. A few years ago this family named Gottschalk started sending Hubby and me Christmas cards. For the life of us we couldn't figure out who the hell they were. So we started talking about a book called "The Gottschalk Enigma." Great title, right? Unfortunately, everytime we talk about it we start giggling so hard we never get past the title.

I keep thinking that one of those books in which cats help solve mysteries would be good. Hazel growls when strangers come near the house. Could that be something? A woman alone in a house at night. A cat growls. The woman says, "What's that you say Hazel? A stranger is in the yard?" The problem is after that Hazel always runs into the closet leaving the woman to fend for herself.

And the only mystery I can get Vishnu interested in solving is the daily mystery of "Did Hazel leave any wet food on the plate or on the floor under the plate?" Somehow I don't think that's big enough.

Back to the notebook.


LadyLee said...

I must admit, I am loving that cat idea. I had a cat that growled like a dog, and I always thought it would be interesting to know what that was all about...

Yes, you must work on that sequel... YAY!!

And the whole Gottschalk idea... That is HILARIOUS. That could go in a number of direction (if you can stop giggling long enough to deal with, lol!).

Shauna Roberts said...

All great ideas. I particularly like the one about the mysterious Gottschalks, who send Christmas cards to strangers despite having a (often) Jewish surname.

We get holiday cards from mystery people, too. Most of the time we eventually figure out who they are (usually a consulting client of my husband's from long enough ago that he doesn't remember them), but sometimes they remain a mystery.

Many years ago we went on a trip and gave keys to our next door neighbors so they could feed our three cats and keep an eye on things. Our house alarm went off, so our neighbor started looking in all the closets for the main alarm box so he could disconnect it. Our cat Nazir knew poking around was not something strangers should be doing and followed our neighbor, keeping a close eye on him and giving him a "look." If Nazir had been able to talk, I suppose we would have gotten a detailed report of suspicious activities when we got home.

Lisa said...

I'm all for the Gottschalk idea too! Creativity must be flowing, even on this drizzly day. A few days ago I used Shauna's idea of setting the timer and listing as many ideas as possible in a short time (thanks Shauna -- got some good ideas) and last night I was scribbling out individual scene ideas on index cards -- also effective. Part II for my WIP is finally starting to take shape. Hooray for ideas!

Carleen Brice said...

Ladylee, Animals are where the $ is that's for sure. But chances are I'll be working on Nona's story before that (working title: It Might As Well Be Spring).

Shauna, I love the name Nazir! And what a good "watch cat." I have scaredy cats.

Lisa, Congrats on your part II! As I said, just keep going. And yes, here's to ideas--may they flow for all of us!!

Ello said...

Oh I love the Gottschalk idea! That sounds like it could be a great thriller, creepy horror type book! The Gottschalk are secret cannibals lulling you into a false sense of security until they come calling. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. ;o)

JC Martin said...

I want the sequel. I'm also curious about the Gottschalk Enigma.

Your fans anxiously awaits your decision.