Monday, June 09, 2008

My new favorite place

Some exciting stuff is going on that could actually turn REALLY exciting. When the going gets exciting, the excited go to the movies. Tonight, I saw Baby Mama, and enjoyed it.

But even better than the movie was the venue: Neighborhood Flix. I've eaten in the cafe (a buffalo meatloaf sandwich and sweet potato fries that were YUMMM), but this was my first time seeing a flick there. And I loved it! Stadium seating. Small studio and indie features. The best part: you can order any of the menu items and eat them or drink them in the theaters. Not just any menu items, but healthy, gourmet, GOOD stuff. (The owners say they serve "health-conscious food in extreme comfort.") Popcorn and fountain drinks come in one size (what most theaters would call medium) and you get FREE refills!!

AND Neighborhood Flix is right across from the Colfax Tattered Cover Store (with free, covered parking). Can it get any better? I think I might ask to have my ashes interned there!


Lisa said...

Now that's my kind of movie theater! We got one that sounds kind of like that near me a couple of months ago. I can't remember what it's called, but it's a Landmark Theater, like the Mayan and it has the same kind of deal with the nice seating, indie run movies and full menu. Pretty cool!

Julie Layne said...

Wow, that sounds amazing! Colfax has come a long way since my days in Denver, that's for sure. People used to laugh when I said my mom worked on Colfax. :) (In a DOCTOR'S office. LOL)

We have a pretty cool renovated theater in Dallas that sounds a little like that (the Inwood), although I've never tried the food. And I just looked it up, and it's also a Landmark Theater, what do you know.

Lafreya said...

Read about your good news on Publishers Market Place this morning . Congradulations.

Demon Hunter said...

Okay, is this place gonna franchise? Because I'd love to put one her in South Carolina... :*)

It sounds heavenly. I'd love to visit it.

Sustenance Scout said...

Another Denver gem, Carleen. Thanks for the heads up!

Barrie said...

I have never had sweet potato fries. But I think I would love them. I love fries and I've never met a sweet potato I didn't like. :)