Sunday, August 31, 2008

Denver dogs go Dem!

Lucky wears a "Bark for Barack" kerchief. Leslie, Lucky's person, got it at his daycare. She said the owner was also selling ones with a McCain slogan, but the "Bark for Barack" ones was outselling it 40 to 1.
(That's a Barackellini on the table--they were yum!)


Shauna Roberts said...

Lucky looks adorable . . . and smart, for choosing the best man.

I had bought a "Vote Democratic" tee-shirt before Obama had sealed the vote and now I've lost it. I guess I better get a Obama tee-shirt and start wearing it in my very red county.

LadyLee said...

I like the dog's democratic spirit... and I am still tripping on these "Barackellinis"!

Carleen Brice said...

Be careful out there, Shauna!

Miss Lee, that's my take on a Bellini, an Italian champagne drink.

Lisa said...

All the Obama gear is on its way. I've never put political yard signs out before or worn political stuff, but the time is right now. Matter of fact, I've always been inclined to keep my politics to myself, but the stakes are much too high this time.

Now I'll just have to leave the house so people will see me ;)

Demon Hunter said...

I need to get a shirt and stickers for Obama. I live in S.C. but he won the primary here. Heh. ;-) Where do I get this stuff? His website? I'll try to find some local stuff as well.

Anonymous said...

what a darling dog!

Carleen Brice said...

Go Lisa!

DH: When your city hosts the convention, it's easy to find! His website would be good (and would help the campaign), otherwise try Cafe Press.

Anon: Lucky is a cutey!