Friday, August 29, 2008

Pale imitation

Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. She's not even Hillary-light, like McCain is Bush-light. And Democratic women are smart enough to see the difference. The Pale Imitation seems not to be Dan Quayle either. I mean, so far I'd bet she could correctly spell potatoes. And more power to a United States in which selecting a woman VP could actually help your party. Luckily for Dems this isn't a woman in the same league as Hillary. A candidate with a uterus and mammary glands is a start, but not enough to impress me.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but had to say it. Anybody feel differently?


Sustenance Scout said...

No argument here, Carleen. I think many women in both parties are more than a little shocked by this one.

LOVE your DENVERCRAT 08 T-shirt!! :)

Lisa said...

OK I had to wait until I saw the candidate speak -- which I just did. I don't get it. I get that the McCain campaign thinks it's a good strategic move to choose a woman as a running mate, but I don't understand what Governor Palin brings to the table at all. She has next to no political experience, even at the state and local levels. It's not surprising that she's pro-life and that she opposes gay marriage, but if you're looking to pick up any disgruntled Hillary supporters, I'm not sure how this helps. After watching the announcement and her speech, I think the thing that throws me the most about her is that she has a four month old child with Down syndrome. I am the last person to make judgments about how the mother of an infant, particularly an infant with special needs should run her life, but I cannot fathom why such a mother would choose to have a baby after being elected as the governor of a state and I am flummoxed as to why the mother of a newborn would want to run for vice president. Any woman with a demanding career knows that you cannot work 12-20 hour days and be there for your children. Despite her opposition to my right to choose, it is her right to choose the manner in which she balances career and motherhood; however, I can't respect the choice she's made. I can't believe McCain couldn't find another republican with a uterus that was a better choice, if anatomy was his only criteria (and it seems that's the case).

Frankly, I feel like this particular selection is going to have the long term impact of a step backward for women in this country.

All I know is I'll have my calendar clear on October 2nd for the vice presidential debate. Joe Biden versus a self-proclaimed hockey Mom who entered public office as a city council member in 1992 -- sadly, it will likely be pretty cringe-worthy. said...

Hello there! {waves}

I haven't stopped by this spot in a while!

I think that the Republicans are desperate and they think that they will win a few bitter Hillary supporters... they will not succeed in this bogus ploy. Hillary gave the speech of her life this week and the "Hillians" (or HELLIANS, depending on who you ask! *giggles*) will not abandon the Party at this point. Not a chance.

I can't wait to see what unfolds next!

Peace, blessings, and DUNAMIS!

Rebecca Hickman said...

I agree and I'm scared.

Carleen Brice said...

Be not afraid, Rebecca. We are on the right side of history.

Rebecca Hickman said...

You're right--I need to be brave.

Travis Erwin said...

Just to play devils advocate I will say there are things about her I find appealing. She strikes me as someone who actually knows what it is like to be in the working class. She is not an heiress of any sort and at least you can say she put her money where her mouth is as far as her stance on abortion. And I like the fact that her son is in the Army and about to be deployed to Iraq. Again I see that as putting her money where her mouth is so to speak.

But I only know the very surface of her politics and the pick does reek of desperation and reaching out for votes rather than choosing the best candidate.

Patry Francis said...

"The right side of history"--I have to keep that in mind when I get scared.

debra said...

Well said, Lisa. Her lack of experience is one of the things that really scares me. She would be a heartbeat away from the presidency. With no foreign policy experience, and close ties to the oil industry. Scary.

Carleen Brice said...

Travis, Welcome Devil's Advocate!

Debra, Lisa always leaves the most thoughtful posts.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who believes the Republicans are deliberately throwing away the election (hence Palin) because they want the Dems and President Obama to fail. The reasoning is, no one can fix this mess in 4 years, so let's have a Dem get us started on the right road, blame him for not making enough progress, and take back the White House in 4 years so we can finish what we started under Bush.

That is what scares the heck out of me.

The question I am exploring is: Without getting complacent about the hard work it is still going to take to win the election, what can we start doing now (and keep doing after the election) to help President Obama succeed?

Carleen Brice said...

Anon, It sure is a mess. But I doubt that either party would willingly give up 4 years of power even when things are this icky. Though I suspect that their hearts might not really be in it.

What can we do? I think we're going to have to be prepared to make some sacrifices. Sacrifices past administrations have been to scared to ask us to make. I think we're going to have to stop thinking like Democrats or Republicans and start thinking like Americans and doing what's best for this country. To use McCain's slogan: Country first.

I also think we have to put pressure on Congress to BACK UP Obama, especially Dems. No more weenie-ing out!

If we're ALL willing to give a little about our prospective ideas, opinions, needs, etc. then Pres. Obama will be successful and will get 4 more years.

Therese said...

I try to give everyone a fair chance, as well as the benefit of the doubt; after watching Palin and reading the details about her supposed maverick performance, I'm convinced: she's a bully.